Heavenly Father, thank You for setting me free in every area of my life. I declare today that nothing can hold me back. I declare that I am free from sickness, poverty, lack and addiction. I declare that You have set me free and thank You for freedom and discipline in every area of my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
“I crave your legs intertwined with mine, I crave nothing but you, in the most simplest of ways.”
“There is only one thing I want you to do - never give up on me. When I push you away, pull me back. When I shout at you because I am so angry, hug me tightly. When I don’t answer your calls, come to my house and visit me. When I get overly clingy, assure me that I’m your only one. When I feel overly insecure, remind me how blessed I am. When I’m about to give up on you, kiss me and show me why I shouldn’t. I know this is too much to ask. But still, I am hoping that you love me enough to do this, to stay, and to be a little more patient. P.S. I do the same for you.”
selfie with my baby 😍😉☺️😊
“I will be your 7 AM sleepy kisses 8 AM French toast 9 AM rushed goodbyes 10 AM love calls 11 AM daydreams 12 PM lunch notes 1 PM new email 2 PM coffee break texts 3 PM reminiscent thoughts 4 PM longing 5 PM drained love 6 PM post-work hugs 7 PM dinner companion 8 PM wine bottle 9 PM tango 10 PM readying for bed 11 PM bedtime stories 12 PM Midnight Sonata 1 AM confessions 2 AM heavy snores 3 AM morning sex 4 AM driftless sleep 5 AM frenzied fantasies 6 AM rapturous sleep I will be your Clock.”

♡ You made me believe that you actually cared. ♡